Dave is an award-winning filmmaker from Melbourne, Austra… actually, let’s drop this whole writing in the third-person shtick.

Growing up I remember using an old Panasonic mini-VHS camcorder and just loving it. Making movies at home and at school made me realise, yes, this is what I want my life to be.

Thankfully technology has come a long way since then, but I always have the same feeling whenever I learn the ins and outs of a new camera system or technique for the craft of production and filmmaking.

I've worked as a freelancer, a senior camera operator and editor in a production house, to running my own franchise production business as director and head cinematographer.

As of mid-2017, I've come back to freelancing with a focus on cinematography and directing. Having contributed to a number of projects in the last decade, I've worked on documentaries, short films, real estate and lifestyle, online branded content, music videos and TVCs.

I'm keen to work with new production agencies and creative filmmakers, so if you need something directed, shot or edited you can find me at:

0411 416 407